Aram Manoukian Summer Camp 2015 Shoushi

Aram Manoukian Summer Camp 2015 Shoushi –

From July 13 to August 3 2015, for the 11th consecutive year, the Aram Manoukian Summer Camp once again took place in Shushi

 Conceived, planned, organized and executed by Aida and Haytoug Shamlian from Canada, with the participation of their children Dessyl and Badrouyrk, thanks to the significant financial support of their relatives and friends, this event was once again implemented, at the Naregatsi Art Institute’s Shoushi Center.

 At the closing ceremony, the children and participants of the Camp presented numerous performances in front of a large crowd of enthusiastic spectators.

 This year, 446 children plus 41 assistant-teenagers participated to the Aram Manoukian Summer Camp, organized in three weekly groups.

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