Turkish lawyers apologize to Armenians for Genocide

Turkish lawyers apologize to Armenians for Genocide –

A scheduled conference devoted to the denial of the Armenian Genocide has angered several Turkish lawyers from Izmir.

The local branch of the Association of Modern Lawyers has issued a statement, apologizing to the Armenians.

The association says that an alliance of lawyers responsible for establishing justice in Turkey is sure that what happened in the Ottoman Empire in the World War II era was a crime of Genocide committed under the  pretext of displacement.

The authors of the statement noted that among the Armenians arrested and exiled to death on April 24, 1915, there were also lawyers and advocates.

“We, as lawyers from Izmir, will not allow that the crimes and the genocide committed against the Armenians be consigned to oblivion. We apologize to the Armenian people on behalf of the organization we are members of,” reads the statement.


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