ANC Canada: Representatives of Canadian government to attend April 24 events

ANC Canada: Representatives of Canadian government to attend April 24 events –

The Canadian Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee will organize numerous events ahead and after April 24, and the Committee has been working on these events for the past two years, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of Canada Roupen Kouyoumdjian said in an interview with Armenian

Events will include cultural, political, academic, social and religious ceremonies throughout Canada. The list of events also includes academic conferences in different cities including internationally renown scholars such as Henri Theriault and Geoffry Robertson,  cultural events such as World premiere of Bedros Shoujounian’s Armenian Symphony. On April 24 a commemoration march will be held in Ottawa and on May 3rd a special march will be organized in each city through the Armenian Youth,  local and federal political figures will certainly take part in such events.

“High level representatives of the Canadian government will attend April 24 events in Yerevan, but due to certain circumstances which you certainly understand, those names are not yet made public,” Roupen Kouyoumdjian said.

Executive Director of ANC Canada is confident that western pressure can make Turkey change its position on the Armenian Genocide,” Kouyoumdjian believes.

“Isolating Turkey on this question on the international scene will definitely be a major force pushing it to recognize the genocide. Once official recognition is obtained, we must turn to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide to deal with issues such as reparations, restitution and reconciliation,” he added.


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