Aliyev Takes to Twitter Again to Attack Armenia

A Twitter post from Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev

BAKU—Azerbaijan’s dictatorial President of 12 years, Ilham Aliyev, took to Twitter again on Monday to attack Armenia and boast about his accomplishments in a lengthy series of successive tweets.

Aliyev spared few words and paid no heed to diplomacy or tact in his inimical tweets, one of which said, “Armenia is a powerless and poor country.”

Aliyev also took the time to praise his own country, saying in one tweet, “Attempts to tarnish, sully and belittle Azerbaijan, a country that enjoys great authority in the international arena today, are all in vain.”

One of Aliyev’s tweets

The Azeri President’s tweets come at a time when tensions are very high at the border between Artsakh and Azerbaijan, with intensified exchanges of fire and sporadic skirmishes having taken place in the past two weeks.

Some readers on Twitter responded to Aliyev, many of them criticizing his hostile rhetoric and lack of diplomacy. “The President of Azerbaijan everyone. Hasn’t got the hang of diplomacy yet,” said British journalist Jack Moore.

Aliyev’s rhetoric has become increasingly aggressive in the last year, this being his second time taking to Twitter to express his hostile disposition toward Armenia.

In his last year’s Twitter tirade, Aliyev threatened violence against Armenia, warning that he could restart the Karabakh War, while at the same time accusing Armenia of not being cooperative in peace negotiations.

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