Audience discontent with book by Jemal Pasha’s grandson

Audience discontent with book by Jemal Pasha’s grandson –

ARMENPRESS – Turkish journalist Hasan Jemal, grandson of one of the organizers and perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide Jemal Pasha, presented his book 1915: Armenian Genocide during a presentation held in Yerevan, but the event didn’t go smoothly. As “ArmenPress” reports, after the presentation organized by Civilitas Foundation and held at Moscow Cinema, most of the people in the audience expressed their discontent with the Turkish journalist’s statements and formulations.

In the beginning, Jemal addressed a message to all Armenians in which he stated that the reason why he wrote the book and came to Yerevan was Hrant Dink and the pain that he had experienced. “I often say pain makes a person and a nation mature. The price that my dear brother, Hrant Dink paid was his life, but he managed to move the stones that will help us overcome the pain in the history of the Turks and the Armenians. He broke the taboos with a fatal blow. In other words, Dink managed to make us feel the pain of genocide once again. Dink made my heart reach out to the Armenians having felt the pain and helped me understand and share that pain,” Jemal mentioned in his message.

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