Turkey angered by Armenian orphan rug display

Turkey angered by Armenian orphan rug display –

The unveling of the Armenian Orphan Rug at the White House has hit the headlines of the Turkish media, spurring violent debates.

Characterized as a “symbol of the Armenian Genocide”, it marks for the Diaspora the beginning of the 2015 Genocide centennial campaign. Some treat it, however, as the United States’ plot against Turkey.

“By exhibiting that rug at the White House, the Armenians are preparing for 2015. That rug’s name is Armenian Orphan Rug, but as a matter of fact, it was the Muslim-Turkish children, not the Armenians who were orphan in 1915-1916,” said Erol Kocoglu, a professor at the Atatürk University.

Claiming that history is now blind to the orphaned Turkish children of the period, the Turkish scholar, who is known for his anti-Armenian views, said he finds the exhibit an attempt to breed hatred and hostility for their country. 

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