Pope’s visit promises unpleasant surprise to Turkey

Pope’s visit promises unpleasant surprise to Turkey –

ARMENPRESS – The forthcoming visit of the Pope Francis to Turkey in the end of November caused serious discontent among different circles in Turkey. The thing is the position of the Pope concerning the Armenian Genocide and the fear that during the visits to Ankara and Istanbul Francis will speak on the Genocide.

Armenpress reports that the website TurkishNY prepared an article, according to which it is possible that on December 30 during the visit to the Greek Church the Pope Francis may celebrate a mass and say a prayer in the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The website states that talks are spread that on April 12 2015 the Pope will celebrate a mass in Vatican as well.

 Earlier it was reported that Pope Francis will visit Turkey in November, after which he is expected to visit Armenia as well. The Italian La Repubblica said that the Pope’s visit to Turkey has already been decided to take place on November 29-30. Francis was originally invited to Turkey earlier this summer by Bartholomew, the Orthodox Patriarch, who had recently travelled to the Vatican from Turkey to take part in prayers for peace between the Argentinean pope and Israeli and Palestinian leaders.


Francis will initially arrive in the Turkish capital of Ankara on November 29 and then Istanbul, in order to celebrate the feast of Saint Andrew the following day. He is expected to use the visit to call for an end to the killing of Middle Eastern Christians in Iraq and Syria. “Though the visit of Francis to Turkey has one more purpose: it is the Armenian Genocide, the 100th anniversary of which will be honored in April. Ankara does not recognize it, calling it “massacres” in the Ottoman Empire”, – writes La Repubblica, reminding that before becoming Pope of Rome, Francis had warm relations with the Armenian community in Buenos Aires, Argentina and used to call the events “the first genocide of the 20th century”. La Repubblica reminds that Armenia has invited Pope and Francis intends to accept the invitation.


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