Video shows ISIS fighters chatting with Turkish border guards

Video shows ISIS fighters chatting with Turkish border guards –

The Daily Mail – A remarkable video has emerged purporting to show Islamic State militants chatting casually with a group of Turkish border guards near the besieged Syrian city of Kobane.

The amateur footage, understood to have been filmed close to Zarova Hill in the outskirts of Kobane, raises serious questions about the apparently relaxed relationship between the terror group and officials from the Nato member state.

It appears to show two heavily armed militants wandering nonchalantly up to the Turkish border fence – displaying shocking bravado as they smile and wave at the camera.

They are met by what appears to be a military vehicle full of security officials who, despite carrying weapons themselves, do little more than break into conversation with the jihadis, who eventually wander off back into Syria while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday but is understood to have been filmed on October 22. The footage has not been independently verified.

The clip begins with the two apparent jihadists lighting fires near a group of cars, which are believed to have been abandoned by desperate Kurdish families who fled Kobane in recent weeks when ISIS militants stepped up their attacks on the city.

After appearing to realise they are being filmed from inside Turkey, the pair start walking towards the border fence, stopping only to mockingly wave at the amateur filmmaker.

The shocking video raises yet more questions of Ankara’s commitment to defeating the terror group.

Just over a week ago militants shot and wounded a senior Syrian rebel commander Abu Issa in a bungled kidnapping in the southeastern Turkish town of Urfa.

Previously Ankara drew a great deal of international criticism for refusing to intervene to help Kurdish fighters battling militants just 200 yards over the border in Kobane.

There are also serious questions over why Turkey has allowed thousands of Western jihadists – who enter the country on budget airlines in tourist resorts – to easily pass over the border into Syria to join ISIS fighters there.

Turkey has long argued that ISIS does not have a presence in the country.

Others claim small cells are able to operate in southern Turkish towns, easily popping over the border to fight in Syria before returning home to Turkey.

There are even claims from those on the ground that wounded ISIS militants are routinely smuggled from the frontline to receive treatment in Turkish hospitals, which are better equipped and less-stretched than those in northern Syria.

Turkey has also been accused of allowing up to 3,000 detained Western jihadists to rejoin the Islamic State in Syria in return for the release 49 diplomats who had been held prisoner by the terrorists.

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