Bombing of Aleppo Intensifies

Bombing of Aleppo Intensifies –

A building destroyed by bombing in Aleppo on Thursday

ALEPPO, Syria–Bombing of the predominantly Armenian neighborhood of Nor Kiugh intensified on Saturday, with local residents reporting that new types of explosives were being used that cause wide-spread destruction, with flames spreading through several buildings.


Jirair Reyisian the spokesperson of the Armenian Prelacy is Aleppo told Asbarez during a phone interview on Saturday that the type of rockets and weapons being used were never before seen, suspecting that the extremists were using home-made explosives whose range and fire power were more severe than other experienced by the resident, who have been living under attack for several years.

Reyisian said that after hitting a target, the explosives then spread to other nearby buildings, with fire officials having a hard time containing the fires raging from the attacks.

The bombings during the past couple of weeks have left residents with no electricity and running water, forcing residents to flee to shelter set up at community centers.

The latest round of bombings are significant, according to Reyisian, because of the type of bombs and artillery being used, Some in the area are suspecting that the new artillery might be chemical in nature, but there has been no official confirmation.

Militants with direct links to al Qaeda extremists, with the backing of Turkey, have been targeting Nor Kiugh intermittently since June, 2014, with these latest attacks being the worst yet.

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