Youri Djorkaeff Praises Mkhitaryan

 Youri Djorkaeff Praises Mkhitaryan –

Borussia Dortmund’s midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan is the best footballer in Armenian history, says Youri Djorkaeff, who played for Italia’s Internazionale and won World and European titles with the French national team, reports.

“The Armenian national team is progressing,” he said. “Recall the Euro 2012 qualification round, when Armenia was close to proceeding to play-off matches. Mkhitaryan is wonderful, and I think he’s the best footballer in Armenian history. Although very young, he shows a mature and clever game,” Djorkaeff said.

Youri Djorkaeff is half Armenian. Born in Lyon, he was raised in an Armenian environment. “You can consider me a fan of the Armenian national team,” he said.

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