Armenian journalist Cevat Sinet’s family is not allowed to leave Turkey

Armenian journalist Cevat Sinet’s family is not allowed to leave Turkey –


Journalist Cevat Sinet (of Armenian origin) had been constantly persecuted for his political views and articles, and for that reason had requested political asylum, moving from Turkey to Belgium. The Turkish government offered the Armenian journalist Cevat Sinet another unpleasant surprise. His wife Ezgi Sinet and their 9-month old baby, travelling from Belgium to Turkey in June to meet the relatives, are not allowed to leave the country now. In a conversation with “Armenpress”, the Armenian journalist informed that the Turkish authorities demanded to submit a Turkish passport, while his wife and their baby have Belgian passport and identity card.

“Under such attitude of the Turkish government I see political context as the Republic of Turkey, because of my political views and articles, has initiated 250 court cases against me. The Turkish state has always put pressure on me, and being no longer able to endure all this, moving to Belgium, I asked the local government for political asylum. Four months ago my requests was satisfied, and the Belgian government gave me, my wife and my son Belgian passport and identity card. But the passport and identity card considered valid everywhere, in Turkey was considered invalid and became an obstacle for my wife and my child to come back to me” – told Cevat Sinet to “Armenpress”.

In an interview in 2013, Cevat Sinet he said: “When the real murderers of Hrant Dink are discovered and punished, and the Armenian Genocide is recognized, then I will believe that there is justice in Turkey and will return o to my birthplace”.

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