Armenia Raises Kessab Concerns at NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Armenia Raises Kessab Concerns at NATO Parliamentary Assembly –

The flags of Armenia and NATO on display during an official ceremony

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The Armenian delegation to NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly broached its concerns about the situation in Syria’s historically Armenian populated town of Kessab, the head of the delegation, Koryun Nahapetian, told reporters at a press conference on Monday.


“We raised the issue of Kessab and presented the information we had about Turkey’s support of terrorist opposition forces, who attacked the town,” Nahapetian said. “At this point, there was an objection from the delegates of Turkey, saying that Turkey had not supported radical forces.”

Asked what the reactions of NATO’s representatives were, Koryun Nahapetian noted that after the objection from the Turkish delegate, there was no reaction to the question at all.

A member of the Armenian delegation representing the Heritage Party, Tevan Poghosian, said that there is no tradition of affronting a partner member in NATO in any way. According to Poghosian, to expect someone in NATO to wag a finger at Turkey is foolish. “Perhaps it is done behind closed doors,” Poghosian said, stressing that to have raised the issue at all was an important step in itself.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s spring session was held in Vilnius from May 30 to June 1.

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