Yerevan Condemns Aleppo Attacks

Yerevan Condemns Aleppo Attacks –

The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the recent attacks on Aleppo.

“We strongly condemn the bombardment of Aleppo, especially of its Armenian-populated district of Nor Kiugh, over the last days, which has caused the loss of lives and immense destruction,” Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Tigran Balayan said on Thursday.

“We are convinced that the most important factor for progress in the resolution of the Syrian crisis is immediate cessation of violence,” he added.

Beginning on Saturday, rocket fire rained on various parts of Aleppo causing heavy damage and leaving many casualties.

According to Aleppo-based Armenian news agency Peria News, the focus of the attacks on Saturday were on the Nor Kiugh neighborhood of Aleppo

Attacks continued in and around Aleppo, centering on Nor Kiugh, where rocket fire, coupled with explosions from improvised explosive devices (IED) caused havoc in the city.

The rocket fire attacks by rebel forces continued well into Wednesday, causing severe structural damage, including to Armenian churches, schools, residences, and businesses.

Armenian community institutions in Nor Kiugh have sustained heavy damages, among them the Karen Jeppe Armenian High School, the Zavarian and Sahakian elementary schools, as well as the Zavarian and Sahakian kindergartens, the Armenian Catholic Holy Trinity and Zvartnots School, the Armenian Relief Society’s clinic and social service center, and residential building that are owned by the Prelacy.

Armenian-owned businesses and stores, as well as residences are either in complete or partial destruction, making life unbearable for the citizens of the town.

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