All-Armenian Fund makes appeal For Kessab

 All-Armenian Fund makes appeal For Kessab –


The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has made an appeal to Armenians around the world to support the embattled Armenian community in Syria’s Kessab. 

The plight of the people of the small Armenian community in northwestern Syria became known worldwide after al-Qaeda-affiliated militants launched vicious attacks against it late last month making hundreds of families flee their homes. 

The exodus raised concerns about continued Armenian presence in Kessab amid reports about Turkey’s possible role behind the attacks. 

“The tragic events taking place in Kessab these days bring back memories of the most mournful times of the Armenian history. It is evident that what our compatriots face today is a humanitarian disaster,” the Hayastan Fund said in a statement on April 1. “Today, we address all the individuals and organizations worldwide and call them to support the Kessab Armenian community.” 

A bank account to support this case has been specially opened for potential donors to direct their resources. 

“It is our duty to ease the pain of our compatriots and cover, to some extent, for their losses,” the charity said. “Please, watch out: the happening is a challenge for every single Armenian, a threat towards Armenians worldwide.”

Information about how donations can be made is available on the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s official website here:

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