Armenia’s National Archives to Compile List of Genocide Victims


Armenia’s National Archives to Compile List of Genocide Victims –

Director of Armenia’s National Archive Amatuni Virabyan



YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—The Armenian National Archive will compile a list of the names of Armenian Genocide victims, director Amatuni Virabyan told the press on Thursday.

“The Jewish people have collected the names of six million victims and three million photos. In our case the number will be small, as the initiative is too belated,” Director of the National Archive Amatuni Virabyan told reporters today.

The National Archive is also preparing to publish a book in Russian titled “The Participation of Armenians in the First World War,” which will most probably be released in Moscow.

Virabyan informed that a three-volume publication “The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire” has already been published, the first volume has been translated into English, as well.

According to Virabyan, the Armenian nation lost the motherland as a result of the Genocide, losing almost all of its cultural heritage and property. Between 1918 and 1919 a commission set up in Tbilisi by Hovhannes Tumanian was calculating the material loss Armenians suffered during the First World War. The results were to be submitted at the Paris Conference for restitutions, but this never happened.

Director of the National Archive regrets that Armenians remember some things only from anniversary to anniversary, while he is confident the work should be permanent.

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