Armenian Genocide Survivor Turns 100


Armenian Genocide Survivor Turns 100 –

Aharon Manukyan at his home in Yerevan on his 100th birthday. (Photo: Armenpress)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Many people in the world want to live a hundred years; although there is no distinct recipe for that. One part of mankind finds that longevity is a kind of curse, while it’s a cherished bliss for others.


March 20 was a special day for a resident of Yerevan’s Estonakan Street. The Armenian Genocide survivor Aharon Manukyan, who was born in Van in 1914, celebrated his 100th birthday anniversary. The readers had already had a chance to get acquainted with Aharon Manukyan’s life from “The Eyewitness” exclusive project introduced by Armenpress News Agency.

Aharon Manukyan was born in 1914 in Van. He was one years old when his family had to leave their house neighboring a church. In 1915 the Van residents started their struggle of resistance against the marauding Turkish troops. When Russian forces left the city, the city’s Armenian population had to flee to Eastern Armenia. Aharon’s father was martyred during the heroic defense of Van.

The American orphanage in Leninakan became Aharon’s home.

His kind and modest eyes seem to reveal the positive qualities of his character, just like his hands tell us about his long life full of difficulties. Aharon will never forget the story of his family and his birthplace Van, despite his deteriorated health conditions and old age.

The fact of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman government has been documented, recognized, and affirmed in the form of media and eyewitness reports, laws, resolutions, and statements by many states and international organizations. The complete catalogue of all documents categorizing the 1915 wholesale massacre of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire as a premeditated and thoroughly executed act of genocide is extensive. Uruguay was the first country to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide in 1965. The massacres of the Armenian people were officially condemned and recognized as genocide in accordance with international law by France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Canada, Vatican City, and Australia.

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