Arshavir Shiragian’s ‘The Legacy’ E-Book Released

Arshavir Shiragian’s ‘The Legacy’ E-Book Released –


Arshavir Shiragian’s ‘The Legacy: Memoirs of an Armenian Patriot’ is now available for $3.99 on the Kindle, iTunes and Google Play stores

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Hairenik Association has republished Arshavir Shiragian’s “The Legacy: Memoirs of an Armenian Patriot” as an e-Book. The Legacy can be downloaded for $3.99 on the KindleiTunes and Google Playstores (search for “Arshavir”). The book chronicles the extraordinary story of Arshavir Shiragian who embarked on an international man hunt to track down and assassinate the Turkish masterminds of the Armenian Genocide.

During World War I, the Ottoman Empire undertook a systematic extermination of its Armenian subjects from their historic homeland. Several of the key perpetrators fled to Europe as 1.5 million Armenians lay dead.

In The Legacy, Shiragian recounts how he located and assassinated the men responsible for this crime against humanity. He describes how he tracked down and killed the Grand Vizier, Sayid Halim Pasha, in Rome. A few months later, Shiragian, together with Aram Yerganian, located and shot dead Jemal Azmi Pasha, the governor-general of Trebizond, and Dr. Behaeddin Shakir Bey, the mastermind of the Armenian Genocide.

Arshavir’s daughter, Sonia Shiragian, who completed the translation of the book in 1976 noted, “It is important that authentic histories of all people be taught so that lies can never take over and distort reality and so that we know who we are and where we came from, in an effort to understand ourselves and not let history repeat itself.”

The book can be purchased on Amazon for the Kindle, on Apple iTunes, and on Google Play.

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