Belgian Armenians Demonstrate at Azeri Embassy

Armenians protest in front of the Azeri Embassy in Brussels

BRUSSELS—In the afternoon of February 26, 2014, a demonstration organized by the Armenian National Committee of Belgium was held in front of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Brussels, commemorating the Armenian victims of Azerbaijani pogroms in Sumgait, Baku, Maragha, Minkeshahuri, Kirovabad and other cities.

Waving Armenian and Nagorno Karabakh flags and posters, as well as loud calls in French, English, Russian and Armenian, slogans reminding of Azerbaijan’s bloody past and present, of the pogroms beginning back in 1988 to the assassination of Gourgen Margaryan and the heroic death of Armen Hovhanissyan, the protesters reminded that Armenians all over the world never forget these events and that sooner or later Azerbaijan shall recognize and admit the freedom and independence of Artsakh.

Wreaths laid at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Brussels

Having read loudly the letter addressed to the Embassy of Azerbaijan, the protesters marched to the memorial of the victims of the Armenian Genocide in Brussels. The prayer for the souls of Armenian victims was pronounced there with the presence of Seyran Ohanyan, Armenia’s Minister of Defense, Armenian Ambassador Avet Adonts, Head of the Armenian Mission to NATO Armen Edigaryan, and representatives of the Armenian community. The participants laid wreaths at the memorial.

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