The First Crusade’ Chronicles Armenian Christianity

The First Crusade’ Chronicles Armenian Christianity –




MAG and Associates recently announced the publication of George Mouradian’s latest book, The First Crusade, a historic account of Armenia’s adoption and embrace of Christianity, and the difficulty in maintaining that faith. The narration elaborates on the characters involved in the transformation, and begins with Saints Thaddeus and Bartholomew, who introduced Christianity to the region. The book then describes the nearly three centuries that followed, when Armenians lived in a half-religious state, both Christian and idle-worshiping, as well as St. Gregory the Illuminator’s dramatic involvement with King Tiridates III (Drtad), and the latter’s remarkable acceptance of Christianity as the state religion.

Approximately 100 years after this conversion to Christianity, St. Mesrob Mashdots invented the Armenian alphabet, and the Holy Bible was translated into Armenian. However, even with this triumphant achievement, Armenia continued to have problems with its neighbors. The country had to defend its new faith. The First Crusade deals with Armenia’s wars with the Eastern Roman Empire, Persia, and other countries in an exciting manner. The Vartanants Wars are covered in detail, specifically how Vartan Mamigonian was able to rouse and build an army to fight the Persians with imbalanced odds—66,000 Armenians versus 300,000 Persians plus 20,000 apostate Armenians. Armenia lost the Battle of Avarayr but won the war and retained her love of Jesus Christ. The unassailable patriotism and loyalty displayed during this turbulent period demonstrated the Armenians’ love of God and the continuity of the nation’s Christian commitment.

Mouradian has also written Armenian InfoText, a mini-encyclopedia; Never to Die: A Historical Novel About Armenia and the Quest for Noah’s Ark; Your Journey into Armenia; Evils of the World;Notable Armenian Sayings and Family Relations; in addition to two engineering texts and a book on marriage. All of the books have received exceptional reviews. 

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