Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Provides Support to Syrian Armenians

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Provides Support to Syrian Armenians –




YEREVAN—The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to assist the Syrian-Armenian community with financial contributions made by various affiliates since the beginning of 2014, as well as proceeds from the fund’s 2013 Telethon.

A total of 100,000 euros raised by the French affiliate will benefit various Syrian-Armenian-relief projects through the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia. Contributions by the fund’s German affiliate, totaling 35,000 euros, have already been transferred to the Syrian-Armenian Emergency and Rehabilitation Committee.

Of the funds raised through the 2013 Telethon, 15 million Armenian drams will be allocated to address the social, health, and educational needs of the Syrian-Armenian families currently residing in Armenia; the assistance includes the defrayal of student tuitions as well as the cost of surgeries and funerals. Program beneficiaries are selected by the Armenian Ministry of Diaspora.

The diasporan and Armenia-based benefactors and organizations that have contributed to the fund include Hirair Hovnanian, Ara Abrahamyan, Petak LLC, HayRusGasArd CJSC, the Galustanian Raffi Charitable Center, Judges of the Republic of Armenia, RA NAS Institute of History, Banants Football Club, Kara-Murza State Musical College of Gyumri, and Turvand LLC.

As of June 2013, the fund has provided 100,000 euros raised by the French affiliate, 12,000 euros from the German affiliate, and $100,000 from the Lebanese affiliate to pay the salaries of teachers in Aleppo’s Armenian schools. Contributions from the Brazilian, Argentinean, and Swedish affiliates have been used to cover the tuitions of 110 Syrian-Armenian students attending various colleges and universities in Armenia; to pay for the heart surgeries of six Syrian-Armenian individuals; and to cover the cost of funerals for three others. The $10,000 raised by the U.S. Western Region affiliate has been donated to Yerevan’s Kilikian School, which has opened its doors to children from Syrian-Armenian refugee families.The contributions made by Hovnanian and Abrahamyan have been used to pay for refugee flights between Aleppo and Yerevan.

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