First Armenian Tablet Officially Unveiled

Armtab tablet computers on display

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The first ever Armenian tablet computer, dubbed Armtab, was introduced to the public on Feb. 4 in Yerevan.

According to Armenpress, the founder of Technology and Science Dynamics, Inc. Vahan Zakaryan stated that the idea for Armtab was made public in 2013. Zakaryan noted, “Today we have come together to celebrate Armtab’s birth for all of us, for our motherland, and society.”

Vahan Zakaryan stated that he is hopeful that in the coming months the factory will start mass production of the tablets. “We received incredible support to get to work as soon as possible,” Zakaryan noted.

The Chairman of the Minno Tablet Company, Eric C. Ryan, remarked that the investment program is among the bests, both with respect to the support provided by the government of Armenia and the staff and the partners engaged in the program. “I hold in high esteem Armenia’s technological ingenuity and potential and I am confident that very soon Armenia will be widely recognized as a hub for high technology all over the world with our support as well,” Eric C. Ryan underscored.

A backside view of an Armtab tablet computer with compatible accessories

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan, the Minister of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Armenia Armen Ashotyan, and the Minister of Economy Vahram Avanesyan attended the event.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan noted that Microsoft Corp. has recorded high rates of growth in Armenia’s tech industry.

Sargsyan said that the IT sector in Armenia needs financial injections and institutional support to develop. In this regard, the legislative branch of the Armenian government seeks to aid nascent companies in Armenia’s tech sector, the Prime Minister said.

“I am also pleased to note that Microsoft’s Innovation Center in Yerevan was recognized as one of the four best such centers in the world, which means that our young people have this tool as well to acquire new knowledge and new skills,” Tigran Sargsyan said, according to Armenpress.

“We must think about incentives to give an opportunity to emerging companies to find their place in this rather highly competitive field,” Sargsyan said. He noted that a legislative package will be introduced to the National Assembly to provide tax relief for beginner companies in the tech sector.

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