6K Raised for Syria Homenetmen Athletes


6K Raised for Syria Homenetmen Athletes –

Miles away from Aleppo, Syria, a special event was held in Boston earlier this month to help fund the participation of Syria’s Homenetmen athletes in the 9th Homenetmen Games.

The fundraising event took place at the residence of Bedig Der Vartanian, an active member of the organization. Der Vartanian spearheaded the initiative, along with other Homenetmen members. Homenetmen Central Executive representative Hrach Mesrobian thanked those present for their dedication and generosity. The event raised $6,000, which was transferred to the Central Executive and then to the local Homenetmen chapter in Syria.

Der Vartanian’s daughter, Meghri, also contributed by allocating the money she received for her 16th birthday to the fundraising effort.

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