West turns to desperate measures to prevent embarrassment in Syria – human rights activist

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, human rights activist from Washington about al-Qaeda linked forces and Free Syrian Army militants fighting each other in Aleppo and near the Turkish border. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview. 

– Your take on what is going on. We’re seeing more and more infighting by these insurgents. What do you think is going on?

– They’re fighting each other and the Syrian people are being spared. I believe in this holy month of Ramadan the prayer and fasting of the saints has caused these people to show their true nature. In reality what is going on is this so-called democracy building was aimed to turn Syria into a failed criminal state like what’s been done in Libya.

When you give criminals and dogs and killers and rapists guns that have no conscience and no morality and no ideology, of course they’ll kill each other. That’s the plan.

But it’s happening too soon for those who would destroy the righteous people of Syria who are supporting their leader President Assad. I mean, this is obvious that the Free Syrian Army, the Friends Of Syria, all of these people are basically pawns of the United States, Israel, Turkey, the European Union and others who want to destroy the society and also target the righteous Islamic Republic of Iran. That’s what this is about and it’s failing.

And we need to hope that during this month of Ramadan as people pray and fast that the people in Syria are strong enough to resist these people who eat body parts and do all of this. What kind of fake Islam is this – this CIA Islam that these people have rallied to, to kill and destroy people. So they are self-destructing.

– Do you think we may see Washington try to up the ante with this situation being that it seems like they are falling apart from within? However, the United States seems still they want to make sure they still have the latest equipment and give them more weapons. Do you think we’ll see an upping of the ante by Washington?

– You know, Obama, whose foreign policy IQ must be negative exponentially.

Of course, I believe they’re going to try to do something with chemical weapons and then blame the Syrians and say, see they crossed the line again we have to go in. We know that there are American soldiers in Jordan; we know that there are American soldiers and CIA operatives in Turkey. These people are not able to win.

And like it hasn’t been reported, there were people from Western countries on the ground fighting in Libya because they weren’t able to defeat the people there who didn’t want to be under these phonies and these Takfiri monsters who hate Shia and hate Christians and hate Allah and hate everything.

I agree with you. I’m convinced that they’re going to try something more desperate to prevent being embarrassed that their policy, their effort to destroy Syria has failed.

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