Armenians are among the list of declining nations,
sociologist Aharon Adibekyan stated during Thursday's press conference
devoted to World Population Day.

The sociologist spoke about Armenia's problems of democracy and
provided statistical data.

In his words, it is predicted that 1.5 million-or 1.7 million,
at best-people are expected to remain in Armenia in the year 2100,
and this is catastrophic.

"Our women give birth to children not to preserve the [Armenian]
nation, but rather to secure the population of Russia, or Europe,"
Adibekyan warned.

The sociologist also noted that, in fear of divorce, women in Armenia
give birth to fewer children.

"So, if you have become a mother, have at least three children!"

Adibekyan advised.

He informed that in line with the growing standard, a woman should
have more than two children, but this standard is currently below
two children in Armenia.

"We are a country at war, and the number of our soldiers may
drastically reduce. As a result, we may also face a security problem,"
the sociologist maintained.

Aharon Adibekyan added that, now, the women that are getting married
are four to five years older and the men are six years older in

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