Iranian-Armenians Want Rouhani to Recognize Genocide

– Iranian-Armenians Want Rouhani to Recognize The Armenian Genocide

The major contemporary problem facing the Armenian community of Iran is socio-economic in nature, but the recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide is still the most important issue, the Deputy of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Karen Khanlarian, stated at the course of a press conference held on July 3. As Armenpress reports, Karen Khanlarian underscored that “the primary issue for the Armenian community of Iran and all the communities of the Diaspora remains the issue of the Armenian Genocide.”

Among other things, Khanlarian noted that the Armenian community expects Rouhani to keep the issue of the official recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the centre of his attention. “That’s what we shall demand from Mr. Rouhani,” Khanlarian underscored.

Hassan Rouhani’s victory in the presidential elections in Iran was close to western democratic standards, said the Armenian MP of the Iranian Parliament, Karen Khanlarian, at a press conference in Yerevan.

Reformist Rouhani’s victory will not lead to radical changes in the country, Khanlarian said. According to him, the President-elect is a reasonable politician, and one can expect tangible, tactical changes in the domestic and foreign policies of the country.

The parliament member said the Armenian community actively participated in the pre-election developments.

During the campaign, the Armenian community addressed the candidates with a number of demands, namely to recognize the Armenian Genocide and involve Armenians in the work of executive bodies.

“Now, after elections, we will try to establish contacts with Hassan Rouhani,” Khanlarian noted.

He recalled that, on the eve of April 24, the Deputy Speaker of the Iranian parliament condemned the Armenian Genocide, and that earlier President Ahmadinejad had denounced the tragedy, while former president Khatami had visited Tsitsernakaberd.

The Armenian community of Iran is estimated at 60,000-70,000. Many are leaving Iran due to socio-economic worries, Khanlarian said. Iranian Armenians mostly migrate to the United States and Canada, he added.

“Armenians of Iran have no political problems,” he said. Two Armenians are represented in the Iranian Parliament.

Khanlarian added that Iran’s relations with Armenia can develop and that new projects for economic cooperation can be initiated under the rule of the Iranian president-elect Hassan Rouhani.

“Apart from that, I believe that scientific ties between Armenia and Iran, and student and lecturer exchange programs in particular, will increase during his term”, the deputy told a press conference Wednesday.

Ex-Secretary of National Security, Supreme Council Rouhani, was elected to the presidential post in the 11th presidential election in Iran on June 14, where he polled more than 50% of the votes. Voter attendance was 72.7 percent in the election.

Khanlarian said Rouhani is focused on Armenia-Iran relations and positive changes should be expected in the bilateral relations during his term in office.

Armenia and Iran are planning to implement a number of major projects in the fields of energy and transportation.

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