British legislators, Bishop of Coventry and other politicians urge international leaders to engage in Lachin Corridor

UK Baroness Caroline Cox, Lord Rowan Williams, Lord Alton of Liverpool, the Bishop of Coventry, Dr.John Eibner, and Tim Loughton MP issued a statement appealing to international leaders to urgently engage with the “appalling tragedy” caused by Azerbaijan’s blockade of Lachin Corridor.

“We write with great urgency about the lamentable failure of the international community to resolve the continuing war of terror being waged by Azerbaijan, with a medieval style siege, inflicted in the 21st century and continuing into 2023, against the Armenian people in the historic Armenian land of Nagorno Karabakh – relocated by Stalin in Azerbaijan. Perhaps stretched and preoccupied by the horrors in Ukraine the media’s virtual silence is tragically allowing terrible atrocities to occur under the shadow of darkness.

Azerbaijan has blocked the only corridor from Armenia available for transport of essential food and medicines as well as for people separated from their families.

Acute shortages of essential supplies are causing serious concern and death from prevention of access to life-saving medical care in Armenia has already occurred.

Under international law there is responsibility to predict and prevent genocide, to protect victims and to punish the aggressor.

Despite condemnation by the UN Security Council, UNICEF and other international bodies, the media virtual black-out of this violence by Azerbaijan continues, enabling Azerbaijan to develop its genocidal policies with impunity.

We appeal to international leaders urgently to engage with this appalling tragedy and we hope that brave and distinguished journalists will shine a light on the suffering of a people who sadly know only too well the nature of genocidal crimes,” the letter reads in part.

The letter is signed by:

The Baroness Cox

The Lord Alton of Liverpool

Rowan Williams, Former Archbishop of Canterbury

Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry

Dr. John Eibner, International President, CHRISTIAN SOLIDARITY INTERNATIONAL (CSI)

Tim Loughton MP, Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for Armenia.”

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