Armenian delegates participate in Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi

Ethnic Armenian lawmakers of the Syrian parliament Nora Arisian and Jirair Reisian, as well as the Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Damascus Bishop Armash Nalbandian on January 30 participated in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi, reports Armenpress.

The lawmakers informed by the social media that the Congress was held under the slogan ‘Peace to the People of Syria’.

The participants agreed to launch the works of revising the country’s Constitution, and asked the whole world to help Syria to recover from the civil war that lasted seven years.

Moreover, in the joint statement adopted based on the Congress’ results the participants affirmed their commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity, fight against terrorism and religious fanaticism. The Congress participants also supported creating a united army and holding free elections which should determine the country’s future. Based on the results of the Congress the participants agreed to form a constitutional commission which will start making proposals for the country’s Constitution.

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