9-year-old Armenian girl from Dilijan creates computer games

9-year-old Armenian girl from Dilijan creates computer games –

News.am – Anushik Melkonyan is a 9 yeaqr old schookgirk from Armenia’s Dilijan. Anushik watched with great interest her mother, Narine Danielyan – a mathematician and programmer – work in front of a computer for hours.  Then the girl began creating images with the photos of her relatives, accompanied by music.  

“At school, where she was taught programming from the very first grade, the teacher was able to skillfully captivate the children even more by basics of programming.” Anushik’s mother told Armenian News – NEWS.am correspondent.

Anushik creates computer games by the Scratch graphic programming language designed by  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Learning about the “DigiCode – 2015” Youth Contest of Applied Programming, Anushik and her Mum hurried to take part in it.  Anushik won the mathematical game in the nomination “Best game” in the age group of 13 year olds.

The girl is looking forward to “DigiCode – 2016”. She has even created a new mathematical game for it – “Scales.” But Anushik didn’t stop here and is now working on the game “Four photos, one word.”

Oddly enough, after classes Anushik spends only one hour in front of the computer. The girl loves days off most of all, since then she can sit at the computer longer and create new games. On other days, she goes in for dancing and swimming. Anushik says she has no dreams but only wishes. And her wish is to achieve greater success in the area of programming so that one day she can see her games among the best ones on the page of Scratch. Besides, she wants to take part in contests and win, become a famous programmer and create works.  

Mother of the 9-year-old programmer wants her daughter to graduate from the Dilijan Central School with honors and enter the international UWC college of the town. According to her, wide perspectives will open for her daughter after graduating from that institution.

On New Year, Anushik asked Santa Clause to bring her a box of plasticine and Lego Robot. The girl urges her peers to believe in Santa Clause, get good presents from him and enjoy the New Year. To programmers and herself she wishes new ideas and their successful implementation.

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