Anti-Armenian Banners celebrating Armenian Genocide displayed in Turkey

Anti-Armenian Banners celebrating Armenian Genocide displayed in Turkey –

Anti-Armenian banners celebrating the Armenian Genocide have been displayed in cities around Turkey. Meanwhile, on Feb. 22, two protests were held under the banner of “Demonstrations Condemning the Khojali Genocide and Armenian Terror,” in the Kadikoy and Beyoglu districts in Istanbul. Some protesters chanted anti-Armenian slogans, while others invoked the name of Ogun Samast, the ultra-nationalist youth who gunned down Agos Editor Hrant Dink in 2007, the Armenian Weekly reports.

The banners celebrating the Armenian Genocide were spotted in different parts of the country. In the southwest province of Mugla, a banner declared, “We celebrate the 100th anniversary of our country being cleared of Armenians. We are proud of our glorious ancestors. –Young Atsizs.” Atsizs refers to Nihal Atsiz (1905-75), a leading ideologue of Turkish racism and a proponent of Turanism. The banner was displayed in front of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports in Mugla. The Directorate claimed the banner was hung far enough that they had not seen it, but that “responsible citizens” had removed it, according to Demokrat Haber.

Similar banners were also displayed in Manisa (north of Izmir), and Ordu (on the Black Sea coast). Demokrat Haber also reports that similar posters were put up by the Mayor’s office in Sogutlucesme, Istanbul, as well as Marmara University’s Goztepe campus.

“The Human Rights Association can only attempt to raise a voice protesting these initiatives. As long as the Turkish public is not upset, and feels no shame by these demonstrations, the discourse, and the slogans, there will be no real response to these rabid anti-Armenian initiatives,” human rights activist Ayse Gunaysu told the Armenian Weekly, adding, “This reality has been haunting me in recent days.”

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