Armenian Genocide website launched at University of Southern California

Armenian Genocide website launched at University of Southern California –

The University of Southern California Institute of Armenian Studies has launched, which is devoted to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

“ does more that just shed light on the past and its place in memory and scholarship today; it is, in its broadest sense, a centralized indicator of directions that scholarship and community can take,” said Salpi Ghazarian, Director of the Institute of Armenian Studies.

The site is in three languages: English, Armenian and Turkish. The purpose is to reach a broad range of scholars, students and anyone wanting more information about the Genocide itself, or trying still to understand its causes and consequences, and the ways in which it is remembered, studied and discussed.

The content on is significantly enhanced by the presentation of images by Armenian photographers.

“The variety of types of events – readings, concerts, books, conferences, exhibitions, lectures – and the variety of locations from South America to Southeast Asia — will also spur further sharing by communities, institutions, organizations thus broadening the reach and impact of each activity, and supporting deeper inquiry into the subject,” concluded Ghazarian.


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