Davutoglu’s Latest Ploy

Davutoglu’s Latest Ploy –

BY Garo Armenian

It has just been reported that the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu produced his latest “generosity” toward Armenia, i.e. “Turkey is willing to open the border provided Armenia returns to Azerbaijan at least one of the territories surrounding Nagorno Karabagh.” The pronouncement was made at his meeting in Ankara with representatives of non-Muslim organizations and other NGO’s, otherwise known as Ankara’s promotional ethnic forum.

Before anybody jumps into conclusions with accolades of misguided enthusiasm, Davutoglu should be reminded that Turkey is not a party in the Karabagh negotiations and will never be. The negotiations are between Armenia and Azerbaijan with a guaranteed final say of the people and government of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic. And at this stage of the game, Azerbaijan is in a state of undeclared war against both Armenia and Karabagh with daily murderous incursions over the cease-fire line into the civilian-inhabited areas. So, who’s extending this “peace” offer and to whom?


And we need to ask, what is there to negotiate with Turkey in the present circumstances? Why would the Armenian side be willing to connect the Karabagh issue with the border regime with Turkey? What happens when Turkey again decides to close the border after a certain territory is suddenly ceded by the Armenian side to Azerbaijan…?! Of course, Davutoglu is not naive. He knows that the cease-fire line is the vital defense shield for Karabagh and Armenia against the Turkey-supported Azerbaijani belligerence. He knows that the slightest split in that shield would fatally incapacitate the fundamental security of both Armenian states. He also knows that this phony offer is dead on arrival. Yet there is a reason why he has to fabricate these make-believe offers. This is the latest move in Davutoglu’s deception game targeting the audiences in the West on the Centennial of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian people, which he and President Erdogan have publicly vowed to exploit throughout this year of solemn observance. Shame on them!

Garo Armenian

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