Baby wounded in family shooting in Gyumri undergoes successful surgery

Baby wounded in family shooting in Gyumri undergoes successful surgery  –

ARKA – The baby wounded Monday in the family shooting in Gyumri underwent a successful surgery today in Yerevan, the press office of the Armenian health ministry reports. 

Before embarking on the surgery, doctors discussed reasonability of it at an extended meeting where Health Minister Armen Muradyan and foreign specialists invited in Yerevan were present as well. 
The matter was also discussed by phone with specialists from the best clinics in Cleveland (the United States), Frеiburg (Germany), Moscow and Saint Petersburg as well as Israel. 
To prevent factors posing threat to the baby’s life and rule out disability risk the specialists decided to make surgical manipulations on drainage of cerebral cavities. 
Professor William Khachatryan, head of the Polenov Children’s Clinic of Brain Surgery Institute in Saint Petersburg carried out this surgery along with specialists from Armenia. Health Minister was present at this 20-minutе surgery. 
On Monday Armenian law-enforcement bodies said a Russian soldier, Valery Permyakov from the Russian military base in Gyumri was suspected of killing a couple, their son and daughter-in-law, a 2-year-old granddaughter, and an unmarried daughter. 
They all were found shot dead in their house on January 12. The couple’s six-month-old grandson was hospitalized in a grave condition. Valery Permyakov was detained on January 13, shortly after midnight, while trying to cross the border into Turkey dressed in civilian clothing. He confessed his guilt. 

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