ANCA Calls On Obama To Stop Attacks On Aleppo

ANCA Calls On Obama To Stop Attacks On Aleppo –


WASHINGTON—Armenian National Committee of America Chairman Ken Hachikian called upon President Obama to “forcefully intervene on behalf of the defenseless and courageously struggling people of Aleppo.”

The full text of the ANCA letter is provided below.

Dear Mr. President:

Aleppo is under siege by jihadist armies. As I write to you, Aleppo is being brutalized by heavy and indiscriminate rocket fire destroying homes, churches, schools, medical facilities, and businesses. Age-old Armenian neighborhoods are disappearing at the hands of Al Qaida-affiliated terrorists, America’s avowed enemies, with the active support of Turkey. The people of Aleppo are left without shelter, without food, without water and with no means to defend themselves. They are held hostage between warring sides and are relentlessly targeted for slaughter by extremist forces. The Armenian American community cannot and will not accept U.S. inaction in the face of the brutal destruction of Aleppo.

Mr. President, this is no time for ordinary diplomacy. Whatever our position on the Syrian crisis, we, as Americans, cannot stand idly by while the people of Aleppo are being strangled to death. We ask you to use all your powers to forcefully intervene on behalf of the defenseless and courageously struggling people of Aleppo. The bombing of this city by Al Qaida-affiliated forces must be stopped at once. Aleppo must be saved. There can be no excuse for allowing this slaughter to continue or for permitting the Armenian community to bleed to death. The responsibility will be ours if we do not act now to stop this crime.

For this reason, we respectfully ask you to work with the ANCA in convening an emergency meeting of the broad-based leadership of the Armenian American community, including our civic, charitable, and church leaders, no later than next week to discuss the plan of action needed for the rescue of Aleppo. Needless to say, our community is already mobilized to work in partnership with your Administration for an effective response to this imminent threat.

Kenneth V. Hachikian
Armenian National Committee of America

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