Presentation of Katia Peltekian’s book “The Times of the Genocide” in Beirut

Presentation of Katia Peltekian’s book “The Times of the Genocide’ in Beirut – 



Under the auspices of the Armenian Genocide Centenary Central Committee (AGCCC) of Lebanon, the Hamazkayin Vahe Sethian Publishing House organized an evening on January 31, 2014 to present the newly published two-volume book, “The Times of the Armenian Genocide: Reports in the British Press (1914-1923)” by Katia M. Peltekian.

The event was attended by distinguished guests that included the Ambassadors of Armenia, the Vatican, the Argentine, Uruguay and Russia, as well as the Primate of Lebanon, Bishop Panossian, clergy, and representatives from the Armenian community and organizations.

Mr. Missak Terzian, representing the Hamazkayin Printing House and the Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, opened the event by welcoming the audience in both Armenian & English. Presenting the author, he said, “What Katia Peltekian has accomplished is an academic research that she uniquely contributes to study of the Armenian Genocide.” He introduced Peltekian, who is a graduate of the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) & Dalhousie University (Canada), and has taught English at AUB & Haigazian Universities. Terzian also hoped that “this two-volume work by Peltekian will become beneficial and a stimulus for the friends of the Armenian people in their pursuit of justice and human rights

Katia Peltekian then spoke and briefly introduced her book, admitting that the work was the result of 12 years of research which she had begun as an amateur in history. Speaking in English, she stated that the general impression that most Armenians had was that Europe did not help the Armenian people during their suffering; however, in reality, she stressed the fact that Europe, and in this case Britain (the focus of the book) did put some effort to help the Armenians, thanks to a kind of lobbying in the parliament by Lord James Bryce and a few other members of the Parliament; it is noteworthy, she said, that the Armenian massacres, deportations, refugees and future were discussed and debated in the British Parliament over 70 times during the 10 years that the book covers. Peltekian also conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and supporters of the evening’s event.

Mrs. Anita Libiar then spoke in English on behalf of the AGCCC of Lebanon and greeted Katia Peltekian’s work, emphasizing its message and goals. Libiar referred to Peltekian’s book that compiles archival material from Britain, putting under the spotlight the public and official reaction of Britain towards the ongoing massacres and events as they occurred. Libiar then thanked Peltekian for her work, commending her highly.

Finally, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia Ashot Kocharyan, speaking in both Armenian & English, stressed the importance of Katia Peltekian’s work. “99 years after the Genocide, this valuable book again confirms the undeniable fact of the Genocide,” said Amb. Kocharyan. He added that despite all the evidence, Turkey still denies that a Genocide happened against the Armenians. He said, “On May 24, 1915, three states – Britain, Russia and France – jointly sent Turkey a warning to halt the massacres not only because it was perpetrated against the Armenians, but because it was against humanity.” Amb. Kocharyan also restated the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan’s position: “We, as a state and a nation, in all corners of the world, will continue our struggle, to fight against injustice, apathy and silence.” Amb. Kocharyan then praised the AGCCC of Lebanon and wished them solidarity and success.

The Ambassador ended his speech by wishing Katia Peltekian further success in future endeavors.

It is to be noted that Katia Peltekian’s book was published in October 2013 in two-volumes: the first volume of the book covers 1914 through 1919 and compiles over 450 reports and articles printed in the British Press pertaining to Armenia and Armenians, especially from The Guardian (formerly The Manchester Guardian ) , and The Times and Sunday Times of London; the second volume compiles over 570 articles.

The book was first presented at Hye Doon (Armenian House) in London on November 22 , 2013

Katia Peltekian then autographed her book.

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