24 Armenian troops missing, up to 70 Azerbaijani soldiers killed or wounded – MoD

Armradio – As of 10:00 on November 17, the situation in the eastern border zone of the Republic of Armenia, where the Armenian positions were attacked by the units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces the previous day, is relatively stable, the ceasefire agreement is generally observed the Ministry of Defense reports.

As a result of the November 16 hostilities, the enemy has up to 70 killed and wounded servicemen, as well as significant losses of military equipment, in particular, 4 armored personnel carriers, 1 Sandcat armored vehicle, 5 vehicles (Kamaz, Ural, UAZ).

The Armenian side confirms that 1 serviceman has been killed, 13 have been captured. The connection with another 24 servicemen was lost during the hostilities, their fate is unknown at the moment. Intensive work is underway to find the servicemen. Two military bases came under the control of the enemy.

Negotiations are underway with the mediation of the Russian side to resolve the situation and return the captured Armenian servicemen.

The Ministry of Defense will provide further informaton on the development of the situation.

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