Two more churches in Artsakh fall victim to Azeri cultural vandalism

The churches of St. Grigor and St. Sargis in Tsar, a village in the Karvachar region of the occupied Artsakh Republic, have become yet another victim of Azerbaijan’s cultural vandalism, the State Scientific Research Center of Historical and Cultural Heritage warns.

“New reports confirming yet another act of cultural vandalism by Azerbaijan have emerged online. The reports suggest that repair works will be carried out on St. Grigor and St. Sargis Churches (the Azeri sources present them as Albanian) in the village of Tsar in the Karvachar region,” the center said on Wednesday.

“The photos posted online reveal that construction works have already started on the territory of the churches: the cross of St. Sargis Church and one of the stones with inscriptions have been removed, fragments of cross stones are also missing in the area.

“On the territory of St. Grigor Church, the outbuildings that appeared there before 1993 have been demolished,” it added.

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