Rep. Sherman: Goal of Azeri blockade is to ethnically cleanse Artsakh

Congressman Brad Sherman stresses Azerbaijan seeks to cleanse Artsakh of its indigenous Armenian population through a blockade imposed back in December last year.

“As 115,000 or more Armenians are besieged, we reflect on the fact that the blockade is the tactic,” ANCA quoted him as saying at the Congressional Armenian Genocide Observance on Wednesday.

“The effect of the blockade is human deprivation. The goal of the blockade is to ethnically cleanse Artsakh,” Rep. Sherman said.

“And the results of the blockade will be failure because the Armenians who have lived there for over a thousand years aren’t going anywhere,” he added.

Azerbaijan has blocked the Lachin Corridor, the sole road linking Artsakh to Armenia and the outside world, since 12 December 2022.

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