Protest against Artsakh blockade held outside UN Office in Yerevan

A protest against Azerbaijan’s brutal blockade of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) was held outside the UN Office in Yerevan on Monday.

The people of Artsakh have been living under Azerbaijan’s unlawful blockade for seven months now.

Azerbaijan completely blocked humanitarian traffic through the Lachin Corridor, Artsakh’s sole land link with Armenia, on July 11, further exacerbating the worsening humanitarian situation in Artsakh.

Today’s protest was organized by the Artsakh Mission and the headquarters of the Artsakh government in Armenia.

It included children displaced from Artsakh’s Hadrut region and resettled in Armenia following the 2020 war. They held posters showing the daily struggles of children living under siege in Artsakh and wore T-shirts saying “No to Artsakh blockade!”, “Open the lifeline road!” and “We are all Artsakh!”.

The children urged the UN to take action to break the Artsakh blockade and protect the rights of their peers.

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