OSCE PA Armenia delegate Lilit Galstyan updates Canadian parliamentarians on Artsakh crisis

During the June 30 – July 4 OSCE – PA Annual Session in Vancouver, BC, ANCC-WR representatives Vahe Andonian, Vahe Agopian and Jack Deragopian contacted the OSCE executive members, delegates from friendly countries, and the Canadian and BC hosts including Deputy Premier Mike Farnworth, maintaining a consistent message about the crisis in Artsakh caused by Azerbaijan, the need for self-determination of the Artsakh Armenians, and the ways that OSCE countries could work to remedy the situation.

On July 4th, after the conclusion of the OSCE – PA Annual Session, ANCC – WR representatives Vahe Andonian and Vahe Agopian coordinated working meetings for Armenia delegate and MP Lilit Galstyan (ARF- Armenia faction) with Canadian federal and provincial parliamentarians.

The first meeting was with Premier of BC David Eby.  Ms. Galstyan thanked the Premier for his ongoing support of the Armenian people, his hosting of an Armenian Genocide commemorative event on April 24th at the BC Legislature, and especially the flying of the flags of Armenia and Artsakh inside and outside the legislature as a sign of support and representing the desire for self determination and independence of the Armenians of Artsakh.


Ms. Galstyan congratulated Premier Eby on his recent achievement of BCs highest office, and repeated her strong words from the OSCE PA session earlier in the day.  She restated that Artsakh Armenians must maintain their self-determination and regain free access through the Lachin corridor, which has been illegally blocked by Azerbaijan for over 200 days.

Premier Eby thanked MP Galstyan and reiterated his support and acknowledged Artsakh’s legitimate aspirations and the need for international order and the rule of law.

Later, Ms. Galstyan visited MP Terry Beech, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, in his home constituency of Burnaby North – Seymour.  MP Galstyan updated Mr. Beech on the current situation in Artsakh, with the ongoing illegal blockade, the continuous violations of ceasefires and November 9 agreements, the recent attack and murder of four more defence soldiers, and all other illegal, criminal activities by the dictatorial Aliyev regime of Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, she expressed her concern that several members of the Canadian OSCE PA delegation voted against resolutions which held Azerbaijan accountable for its crimes.

MP Beech promised to look into the actions of the Canadian delegates surrounding issues of critical, existential importance to Artsakh and Amenia, and pledged to bring up the topics during future government caucus meetings. He offered his full support to the Armenian community.

Later, MP Galstyan met with BC Health Minister Adrian Dix, and MP Parm Bains at the Armenian Community Centre in Richmond, BC.

Minister Dix , who is well aware of the ongoing Azeri aggression against the indigenous Armenians of Artsakh, said that any action which intentionally deprives 120,000 inhabitants (including 30,000 children) of access to medical care and the necessities of life is criminal and cannot be tolerated by BC and Canada and the international community.

MP Bains took great interest in learning from MP Galstyan the details about Azerbaijan’s illegal actions and the precarious security and humanitarian position of the Artsakh Armenians, and even more the intentional cultural elimination and appropriation of Armenian historical legacy in the region.  Only through self-determination and full security guarantees can the Armenians of Artsakh stop Azerbaijan’s genocidal actions and its intent to ethnically and culturally eliminate the thousands of years presence of Armenians in their homeland.

MP Bains committed to also speak with his government colleagues to reiterate the seriousness of the situation and the need for Canada to step up with concrete actions to protect the vulnerable, democratic population.

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