Opposition MP slams Pashinyan’s policy

Opposition MP Artsvik Minasyan on Wednesday condemned the release of an Azerbaijani soldier who was detained after crossing into Armenia last week.

“The current Armenian leaders are serving the interests of foreign countries and only seek to maintain their grip on power,” he told reporters.

Minasyan, secretary of the opposition Hayastan faction, voiced strong criticism of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s foreign policy.

“It’s not wise to artificially create a situation in which Russia considers Armenia as an enemy, or Iran considers Armenia as an untrustworthy neighbor,” said the opposition figure.

He accused Pashinyan’s government of making Armenia a platform for the clash between Russia and the West.

“This has to stop. Why are you leading the country to a place where you stand no chance of survival? It’s like a chess player decides to enter a boxing ring to fight,” the MP added.

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