Opposition leader condemns Armenian authorities for ‘mockery’ of national values

Opposition leader Seyran Ohanyan has strongly condemned Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s government for the “mockery” of the national dream and ideas, as well as efforts to distort Armenian history.

Speaking at a news briefing on Friday, Ohanyan, the head of the opposition Hayastan parliamentary faction, also blasted the leadership for the criticism of Armenia’s Declaration of Independence and plans to change the country’s constitution.

“The national values are mocked by those who have done nothing to protect the state and ensure the safety of the people,” he stated.

“Instead of taking urgent steps in this direction, they are doing everything possible to justify their inaction, inefficient management, mistakes and cover up the genocidal policy of Turkey and Azerbaijan,” Ohanyan added.

The opposition leader named Armenia’s security, sovereignty and statehood, the preservation of its national values, as well as a just settlement to the Artsakh issue, among the current priorities.

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