European Parliament urges Azerbaijan to ensure safe return of Armenian population to Karabakh under strong guarantees

The European Parliament has adopted two reports on foreign policy and EU security and defense policy, in which it strongly condemns the pre-planned and unjustified attack by Azerbaijan against Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians. It calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to allow the safe return of the Armenian population to Nagorno-Karabakh under strong guarantees.
According to the Armenpress Brussels correspondent, the annual report on foreign and security policy emphasizes the importance of protecting Armenian cultural, historical and religious heritage, demanding them to be safeguarded in accordance with UNESCO standards and Azerbaijan’s international obligations.
The MEPs noted in the report that Baku had violated international and human rights, and expressed regret that it had violated the obligations undertaken by the tripartite ceasefire declaration of November 9, 2020 and the negotiations mediated by the EU.
“The real dialogue between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the only sustainable way for progress and the EU and its member states are called upon to support such efforts,” the report reads, stressing that a dignified and sustainable regional peace that preserves the sovereignty of both countries, independence and territorial integrity is a prerequisite for the stability.
The report warns that any effort to achieve the goals by using force and violating the territorial integrity of neighboring countries should receive a decisive response by the EU and the international community.
It calls on the EU civilian mission in Armenia (EUMA) to closely monitor the development of the security situation on the ground, provide transparent reports to Parliament, actively contribute to conflict resolution efforts, and support Armenia through the European Peace Facility. Specifically, it emphasizes the need to strengthen protection against hybrid threats and expand the security zone beyond the Collective Security Treaty Organization.
The report also addresses the EU’s relations with Azerbaijan, noting that any deepening of bilateral ties should be conditioned on the country making significant progress regarding the rule of law, democracy, and fundamental freedoms, including the protection of ethnic minorities.
The adopted report reaffirms its support for the democratically elected government of Armenia and its full respect for the country’s sovereignty, democracy and territorial integrity. It appreciates Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement that Armenia will not be drawn into a new war with Azerbaijan and his recent calls to resume peace negotiations with Azerbaijan at the highest level. The report also welcomes Armenia’s ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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