Azerbaijan’s unilateral decision to set up a checkpoint in the Lachin corridor contrary to peace efforts – Borrell

(Armradio) – The unilateral decision of Azerbaijan to set up a checkpoint in the Lachin corridor is truly contrary to the efforts that have been made to build confidence and trust between the parties, EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said at the European Parliament debate on Armenia-Azerbaijan relations and the situation in Lachin corridor.

He noted that the area is outside the responsibility of the EU Mission in Armenia. “But we are trying to find some sort of solution to this particular issue right now, don’t say that we are not doing anything. Just a few days ago there was an important meting with the President of France, German Chancellor, President of the EU Council in Moldova. There will be another meeting in Brussels in July. In other word, we are doing everything we can do on the diplomatic front,” Borrell said.

On the checkpoint, Borrell said: “All pressure has been exerted through the United Nations so that we don’t have a blockage and allow people and goods to go back and forth to Nagorno Karabakh.”

“The EU Mission cannot put an end to this checkpoint. We simply don’t have the capability. It’s not an armed mission. The mission is part of the peace procedure, but it’s not a substitute for that. The only solution will be diplomatic. And if there is a solution, it will be in the framework of the negotiations that are currently under way,” the High Commissioner stated.

He said there has been progress, noting that the parties are willing to continue negotiations and there is some hope that a solution may be found to the problem as a whole.

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