Azerbaijan’s next ‘target’ is Artsakh State University

The Artsakh State University has become the next target of Azerbaijan’s Armenian cultural genocide in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Hovik Avanesov, “Ombudsman of Culture of Hayk,” warns about this on Facebook.

“The state regime of Azerbaijan continues to destroy the Armenian trace in occupied Artsakh. With this policy, Azerbaijan has become a typical symbol of vandalism, surpassing all barbarian tribes that have existed throughout the history of mankind.

Recently, the Artsakh State University became the next target of Azerbaijan’s cultural genocide. In the message spread by the Azerbaijani media, it is clearly stated that the exterior of the university building will change. It is obvious that Azerbaijan, faithful to its signature, will eliminate the Armenian trace under the guise of construction work.

The university’s memorial complex, which perpetuates the memory of the university’s students who died for the motherland, is especially at risk.

(…). The main institution of higher education of Artsakh took an active part in the defense of the motherland.

We consider it necessary to mention that the Artsakh State University was targeted by Azerbaijani terrorist groups in the 1990s as well. On August 22, 1992, the Azerbaijani occupation troops dropped a 500kg aerial bomb on the university; the next targeting was in 1993. All this once again shows that the [Armenian] cultural heritage of Artsakh is under the threat of destruction and usurpation [by Azerbaijan],” Avanesov wrote, in particular.

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