Azerbaijanis vandalize Hadrut’s Central Library

(Armradio) – Azerbaijanis have vandalized the central library of the occupied city of Hadrut, Director of the Isahakyan Central Library Varsik Amirjanyan told Artsakhpress.

The Director noticed that the building is missing in the video shared by the Azerbaijani media.

“The central library building of Hadrut was built back in 1932. From the video published by the Azerbaijanis, it can be seen that there is almost nothing left of the library building,” the director says. library.

She says the library sheltered about 39, 720 books as of 2020.

“We had about 750-800 readers,” she said, adding that there is no information about the book fund at the moment.

Amirjanyan says they will apply to the Artsakh State Council for the Protection of Cultural Heritage to raise the issue of yet another manifestation of Azerbaijani cultural vandalism in international instances.

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