Azerbaijan and Turkey to demand ‘endless’ concessions from Armenia, expert says

Azerbaijan and Turkey are going to demand more concessions from Armenia allegedly needed for the signing of a peace deal, says Varuzhan Geghamyan, an expert on the Middle East and the South Caucasus.

In a social media post on Friday, he highlighted that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev set out two new demands in the past 10 days, saying Armenia had to recognize the so-called “Khojaly genocide” and change its constitution.

“The fulfillment of these demands will cause devastating consequences for all of us,” Geghamyan wrote.

“As I’ve repeatedly stated, Azerbaijan and Turkey have endless demands to impose on Armenia in return for the signing of a “peace treaty”. No deal will be concluded. Instead, new and more extreme demands will constantly be put forward,” the expert said.

Geghamyan urged all to join a rally in Yerevan on 9 June to stop Armenia’s policy of concessions.

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