AYF Camp Has Secured $2M in Funding

BIG NEWS FROM BIG PINES: It’s with great pleasure that we announce AYF Camp has secured $2M in funding from the State of California, thanks in large part to the support of Assemblymember Chris Holden and the leadership of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Located in the Angeles National Forest near the city of Wrightwood, AYF Camp is 11.5 acres of beautiful forestland with facilities to accommodate up to 150 campers.

This funding will be dedicated to major renovations at AYF Camp Big Pines and AYF Camp Twin Valleys. After years of tirelessly working on growing and improving our Camp, the AYF Camp Management Board is excited to shift from the planning phase to the execution and engineering phases of our development roadmap. Thank you to @asmchrisholden for his unwavering and unprecedented support of our beloved Camp! We hope you enjoyed your visit to our pen-ultimate Summer Camp session today!

The ANCA National and California chapters are proud to have played a pivotal role in advocating for and securing this significant state funding by working in collaboration with the AYF Camp board. This initial round of funding will provide a great springboard to take the AYF Camp to the next level so that it can serve more youth and be a facility that can also be available to bring together diverse communities throughout California. The message is clear, we can achieve bigger and bolder things when there is a vision and we come together as a unified community. Thank you CA Assembly Member Chris Holden for joining in this vision and bringing much-needed support to AYF Camp.

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