Armenian opposition MP calls border delimitation in Tavush ‘petty theft’

Opposition Hayastan faction MP Artur Khachatryan has called the delimitation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in Tavush Province a “petty theft”.

The Armenian and Azerbaijani deputy prime ministers signed a protocol formalizing the handover of four Tavush border areas, including a part of the village of Kirants, to Baku as part of a border delimitation deal on May 15. Unlike several other Tavush villages affected by the territorial concessions, Kirants would lose some of its houses and a bridge connecting it to the rest of Armenia apart from its agricultural lands.

In a statement on Monday, the Armenian Justice Ministry said that property cadastral certificates were issued to Kirants residents on the basis of inaccurate data.

“We’ve repeatedly stated that the border process can be called anything but delimitation,” Khachatryan said, addressing the parliament on Tuesday.

“But yesterday’s statement amounts to a petty theft. It turns out that Armenia mistakenly issued cadastral certificates to its citizens. Why have you never made a mistake in our favor? Just admit that this is a petty theft!” the MP said.

Khachatryan criticized the Armenian government for bowing to all demands put forward by Azerbaijan, including the use of maps unfavorable for Armenia.

“You initially announced that the delimitation would be carried out based on the maps of 1974-1979, but yesterday it turned out 1969 maps would be used, rather than a 1988 map based on an interstate protocol. Maybe you should be afraid of your own people, not Azerbaijan.” he noted.


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