Armenian MP calls for int’l efforts to stop Azerbaijan’s militarization

In parallel to its policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestine, Israel is supplying weapons to Azerbaijan almost weekly, Armenian opposition MP Tigran Abrahamyan claims.

“We can only guess what kind of deliveries it’s about, but the fact remains that open sources repeatedly report about military flights. Meanwhile, active mutual visits between the military departments of Turkey and Azerbaijan are recorded,” Abrahamyan, the secretary of the opposition Pativ Unem faction, wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

“All the countries that promote peace and stability in the region, in addition to statements and good wishes, should use their influence to prevent the militarization of Azerbaijan, otherwise good wishes will affect only surveys, while the region will see a new war.

“Azerbaijan is constantly spreading false narratives, accusing Armenia of arming itself and creating a threat of war, which has no serious justifications whatsoever. Under the pretext of these accusations, Baku purchases a large amount of weapons and military equipment, creating a real risk of a new regional flare-up,” the MP stated.

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