Armenian expert warns against land handover to Azerbaijan

Political scientist Suren Petrosyan warns that the handover of four border villages in Tavush Province to Azerbaijan would pave the way for the “final collapse” of Armenian statehood.

Petrosyan, the leader of the Democratic Unification Party, visited the Tavush village of Voskepar adjacent to the border areas demanded by Baku.

“This is the village of Voskepar. Many of us cannot imagine what will happen as a result of unilateral concessions by the Armenian authorities,” he said in a video on social media.

Petrosyan claims the Yerevan-Noyemberyan interstate highway and the gas pipeline running near Voskepar would fall under Azerbaijan’s control in case of the land handover.

“This entire mountain relief is also going to be ceded to Azerbaijan,” the expert said, calling for efforts to stop the government’s plans to surrender the areas.

“This process would lead to the final loss of Armenian statehood,” Petrosyan added.

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